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The Journey Starts Here...

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Welcome to MiamiScapes

The Journey Starts Here...

Welcome to MiamiScapes and to our extraordinary city!

What are we about? We are here to help you plan and make the most of your Miami vacation by sharing what we know and love of this wonderful place we call home.

We have seen the city change so much over the years. It has been an exciting journey with many ups and downs along the way, and the ride doesn't seem to ever stop.

MiamiScapes: Biscayne Bay and Miami Skyline

Miami has evolved from the simple laid-back "snowbird escape" into an exciting, chic and cosmopolitan destination, one blessed with many natural attractions, and where a fusion of cultures and flavors is the order of the day.

There is much to explore well beyond the beaches, Miami attractions are many and varied ranging from a stunning bay framed by a magnificent skyline and a thriving art and design scene, exceptional amusement parks, a year-round roster of top-notch events, brilliant coral reefs, and incredible wildlife right in our backyard, the arresting Florida Everglades.

Start here to explore Miami and all it has to offer, let us show you around!

MiamiScapes Quick Links

Miami Attractions: Everglades Wildlife
Florida Keys

The Beaches...

MiamiScapes: Beaches

A while back, Miami was merely a destination to escape the harshness of winters. People came to enjoy the sun... the palm trees... the balmy beaches... You can't beat the year-round sunshine, crystal clear waters and wide assortment of water sports and recreation options. Miami's beaches are some of the nation's if not the world's best, often featured in many travel publications.

Chic Architecture, Trendy Art and Design Scene...

And while the beaches are still one of the city's major draws, somewhere along the line Miami started trading that laid-back image for the stylish and trendy mecca that it is today. What Miami is today, it owes to the many events and trials in its not so distant past.

Miami Art Deco District

The re-birth of South Beach and the Art Deco District helped put the city in the international art scene map. And we all remember the pains and struggles of the "Miami Vice" days, as Miami coped with a reputation of crime and drugs, perhaps the beginning of what contributed to give the city that "edgy" feel.

More recently, we have seen the emergence of an old area not far from downtown Miami, formerly old warehouses and some not so attractive parts of town, into stylish and contemporary districts of galleries, museums and high caliber designer shopping, the up and coming Wynwood Art District and the Miami Design District. That coupled with first-rate international events like Art Basel Miami, further consolidate the city's status as a cultural mecca.

MiamiScapes: Wynwood Walls

Natural Beauty, Wildlife, Outdoor Activities...

And beyond the glittery lights and trendy spots, two of nature wonders are literally next door providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts: The Florida Everglades with a mind-blowing array of ecosystems and habitats that support a staggering variety of wildlife...

MiamiScapes: Alligator at Everglades

And the colorful Underwater Reefs just off our coast framing the string of tiny islands, the legendary Florida Keys.

We are avid divers and snorkelers and feel very blessed to have such wonderful reefs right at our doorstep. It's an entire different world down there which we enjoy exploring and sharing with you.

MiamiScapes: a shallow reef at the Florida Keys

Latin Beats...

And last but not least, Miami's unmistakeable Latin soul, which was brought in by thousands of Cuban settlers who started coming in the early 60's, and settlers from many Latin American countries in the years to follow.

Not only did they bring their music and flavors, along with that salsa beat and "arroz con pollo" came that remarkable warmth and optimism as they rebuilt new lives, forever changing the cultural landscape of Miami.

MiamiScapes: Little Havana

Little Havana's bustling atmosphere, fresh spices, exotic fruits, cigar factories... is a must to experience Miami's vibrant Cuban landscape.

So whether this is your first time in our city, or you are a long-time visitor, enjoy your time in this special place. As Miami continues to reshape itself and evolve, we are looking forward to the many new turns into this exciting journey, wherever it may lead us, and taking you along on our ride!

Miami Attractions Thank you for visiting MiamiScapes!
Here is to a wonderful Miami vacation experience!

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