Lion Country Safari

A Drive Through Animal Park...and Much More...

Lion Country Safari Entrance

Lion Country Safari is about driving through the plains along zebras, rhinos and giraffes... as curious ostriches come for a closer look and tap your windshield... herds of eland, blackbucks, buffalos, wildebeest... ok, so it's not the great migration, but really, there are herds of animals here, not the lone lion here and there, we are talking a whole pride of lions roaming the "reserve"... a crash of rhinos... plenty of giraffes... and you get to drive through in the comfort of your own car!

Lion Country has long been one of our favorite parks to spend the day, definitely worth the drive to West Palm Beach from Miami.

There are two parts to the park and when visiting, both are a must

  • The Drive-Through Safari Section

  • The Safari World Amusement Park Section

You need at least 5-6 hours to take advantage of what the park offers, and can easily make it a full-day affair, which is what we normally do.

So let's take you on Safari and show you around!

Lion Country Safari Herd of Zebras feeding

Safari on Wheels: The Drive-Through Safari

Drive Through Safari at Lion Country Safari Park

This section of the park is the "Drive-Through" section, where the animals roam in their respective wildlife areas or preserves which are clearly fenced off and separated from each other.

At the entrance you will be given a CD recording with all the information about the animals and habitats in the order you will see them, you can play and pause as you go along.

You drive through on a 4-mile loop, passing through all the areas. This section can take anywhere from one hour to two and a half hours, depending on how long and how many stops you make.

The areas are representative of wildlife reserves around the world, Las Pampas in South America, the Indian Gir Forest, and of course, many of the well-known reserves in Africa.

This is a one-way road, so no chance of getting "lost", just follow along...

The animals are obviously used to seeing cars drive-by, that said, these are wild animals, this is their home, and they definitely have the right of way, so give them a wide berth...

Lion Country Safari Zebra Crossing the Road

The animals can be so close, you really can get a good look, no cages or fences... no binoculars or photo lenses needed...

Lion Country Safari driving by

Or so far... enjoy the different habitats, the park does a tremendous job in maintaining the unique natural landscapes, the swamps, the plains, the forests...

Lion Country Safari Serengeti Plains Landscape

Sometimes they might just watch as you pass by...

Lion Country Safari Gir Forest Animals

Sometimes they come for a closer look...

Lion Country Safari Ostrich in front of our windshield

Sometimes you will catch them at meal time... Many of the feeding stations are just on the side of the road so you really can get a close look...

Lion Country Safari meal time by the feeding stations

Or snoozing comfortably in the shade...

Lion Country Safari male lions snoozing

...Or just plain hanging out...

Lion Country Safari Gibbon hanging around

Most times they just carry on doing their own thing... without paying any attention to anything going on around them...

Lion Country Safari zebras and rhinos

You will see Park and Zoo Keepers patrolling the grounds around the clock carrying on their daily routines with feeding and upkeep of the animals.

Lion Country Safari Feeding Time

CONTINUE on to...

How much is it, how to find coupons or discounts

Entrance to the park which includes both the Drive-Through Safari and the Amusement Park is $37 for adults, less for children (3-9) and seniors.

You can get discounts in several ways:

  • If you have the Go Miami Card, entrance to Lion Country Safari is FREE.

  • If you are visiting a couple more attractions in South Florida, consider getting the South Florida Explorer Pass where savings of up to 40% start when visiting 3 attractions or more. You can choose what attractions to visit as you go.

  • Check the Lion Country Safari website for coupons

  • Check the attraction counter at your hotel with all the different pamphlets and adverts for coupons for Lion Country.

  • During the summer vacation period, you get unlimited visits to Zoo Miami, the Miami Seaquarium, Lion Country Safari and the Museum of Discovery of Science with the Summer Savings Pass which costs Adults $58, Children (3 - 12) $48 plus tax.

Lion Country Safari at a Glance

Where?: 2003 Lion Country Safari Road - Loxahatchee, Florida
Directions and more info. Or call (561) 793-1084

Parking: $8 per vehicle

Opening Hours:

  • Drive-Through Preserve: Opens 9:30 am
  • Walk-Through Park: Opens 10:00 am
  • Admission Gate closes: 4:30 pm
  • Park Closes: 5:30 pm

How Much?: Adult $37 plus tax, Children (3-9) $28.00 plus tax, Seniors $33.00 plus tax.
Extras for lory feedings, camel rides, giraffe feedings $1-5 per activity

Food: There is one centrally located cafeteria by the entrance of the Walk-Through part. Food is typical amusement park fare: burgers, pizza, hot dogs, nachos, etc. with typical amusement park prices.

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