Big Cypress Preserve: H.P. Williams Roadside Park

Have a picnic with a view...

HP Williams Roadside Park at Big Cypress Preserve

H.P. Williams Roadside Park is another great little stop along Tamiami Trail when visiting the Big Cypress Preserve or just driving through U.S. Highway 41.

There are picnic tables facing a boardwalk which overlooks the canal, you can spend some time relaxing and just watching all the wildlife that abounds here.

There are also ranger-led talks conducted at the park, get the schedule when you go past the visitor centers and try to catch one. Park rangers and volunteers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, you often see them at the boardwalk and it's always great to stop and chat with them.

What kind of wildlife will you see at H.P. Williams? We have seen a little bit of everything here... best chances of seeing wildlife is of course during the dry season.

...Alligators swimming in the canal or just resting by the banks...

HP Williams Roadside Park at Big Cypress Preserve

...And not far, turtles are always looking for a sunny spot to come out of the water and warm up...

Turtle at HP Williams Roadside Park at Big Cypress Preserve

...If you look around the trees, you are likely to spot storks, egrets, ibis...

Turtle at HP Williams Roadside Park at Big Cypress Preserve

...Anhingas all stretched out drying their feathers to the wind...

Anhinga at HP Williams Roadside Park at Big Cypress Preserve

...Cormorants and vultures...

Cormorants at HP Williams Roadside Park at Big Cypress Preserve

This is always a convenient place to stop, right off the main road with a great wildlife viewing platform, picnic tables to chill for a while, and lots and lots to discover!

Check it out: An egret and little blue heron greeted us as we arrived... fish were very active feeding, and there were cormorants and anhingas drying their feathers... A few turtles gliding by and a flock of ibis that came all of a sudden, a little green heron and an alligator that dashed into the swamp. And even the endangered wood stork made an appearance! This little stop right by the side of the road really carries a lot of punch!

Big Cypress H.P. Williams Roadside Park at a Glance

Where?: Tamiami Trail just a couple of miles east from the Big Cypress Welcome Center.

See the Tamiami Trail Map here.

When: Boardwalk is open 24/7.

Entrance Fee: Free!

Parking: Yes! Plentiful

Other: Picnic tables, boardwalk and viewing platform, check at the visitor center for ranger-led talks.

More Info: Official Site of the Big Cypress National Preserve

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