Miami Beach Walk

From South Pointe to Bal Harbour... All along the Waterfront

One of the most fantastic features of this city is the path that runs along the eastern shore of Miami Beach, which consists of paver roads, boardwalks, sandy stretches, biking paths and promenades.

Most commonly known as the Miami Beach Boardwalk, it "officially" runs from 5th Street in South Beach to 46th Street at Indian Beach Park. The original wooden boardwalk first ran the stretch in Mid-Beach from 23rd to 46th Streets.

The Miami Beach Boardwalk

Then multiple waterfront promenades and paver paths popped up here and there, in South Beach, South Pointe Park, etc.

These paths have all been gradually connected to the original Boardwalk providing one single thoroughfare for pedestrians and cyclists. This is known as the Miami Beach Walk (since many portions are no longer "wooden boardwalks"), and altogether enable you to go from the southernmost part of the island at South Pointe Park all the way to the very tip up north at Bal Harbour, (give and take a few blocks here and there) and passing through all the popular spots in between: South Beach, the Ocean Drive promenade, Mid-Beach, North Shore Open Park, Surfside.

Pedestrians and bikers on the Miami Beachwalk

This 10-mile stretch is what is shaping into the Miami Beach Walk, and takes advantage of the existing venues, namely the paved paths, sandy stretches, park promenades and elevated boardwalks. So in effect, the Miami Beach Walk takes up where the Miami Beach Boardwalk left off.

Miami Beach Walk Map: Current Status, Access, Parking, Facilities

Current Status of the Miami Beach Walk

  • South Pointe Park - Paved Paths and Cutwalk along Port Canal
  • South Pointe Park to 1st - 3rd Street - Paver Walkways
  • 3rd - 5th Street - Sandy Stretch - Paver Walkway
  • 5th - 14th Street - Lummus Park - Paved Paths and Promenades along and thru park
  • 14th - 24th Street - Paver Walkways
  • 24th - 46th Street - Boardwalk - Pedestrians only, being "redone" into Paver Walkway to accomodate pedestrians and cyclists, estimated to be completed by summer 2021
  • 46th - 64th Street - Paver Walkways
  • 64th - 79th Street - Paver Walkways
  • 79th - 87th Street - North Shore Park - Paved Paths and serpentine promenade thru park
  • 87th - 96th Street to Bal Harbour - Sandy Stretch

Here are more details for each segment, access points, facilities, current status.

As you can see from the above, the Miami Beach Walk is actually a project that is still coming together and is part of a larger future network of bikeways. The ultimate goal is to provide a continuous coastal pathway that will link the southernmost point in Miami Beach all the way to Ft. Lauderdale and we are certainly looking forward to it!

As of October 2020, all sections from South Pointe Park through 79th Street have been completed, except for the paver walkway that will replace the wooden boardwalk from 24th to 46th Streets. The Beach Walk can be enjoyed by visitors, pedestrians and bicycles all along the paver walkway stretch. Whether you go the entire stretch or just pick a couple of blocks here and there, it will be a very enjoyable stroll.

You will see joggers, skaters, and cyclists all taking in the fresh ocean breezes, fantastic vibe and beautiful sights.

The Miami Beach Walk is great for a stroll, as short or as long as you want to make it... There are access points all along the way and also bike racks for rental and drop-off...

Bicycle rental rack at the Miami Beachwalk

...You can also stop for a drink or refreshment along the way, although the watering holes are few and far between.

A bar on the Miami Beachwalk

Many hotels are located along the Miami Beach Walk; however, many restrict access to guests only, you cannot just walk in from the Beach Walk to the pool bar and have a drink. In these cases, access is through their main street entrances, i.e. Collins Avenue.

Biking on the Beach Walk

Biking on the Miami Beachwalk

This is probably one of the most beautiful bike rides you can take in the city. At this time, not all the segments of the Beach Walk are open to cyclers, specially the Miami Beach Boardwalk area in Mid-Beach which is limited to pedestrians only. Work is underway to replace the existing boardwalk with a paved pathway, which will be wide enough to allow for bicycles. Many paved segments are already finished or closed to being completed, the entire stretch is estimated to be completed by Summer 2021. You will see the areas clearly marked where bicycles are not allowed.

Miami Beach Boardwalk No Bikes Allowed

Bicycles can be rented from one of the many Citibike stands. Remember you can rent and return your bike to any of the stands (as long as there are bikes or empty spots available for returning). Bikes might be in short supply in some of the most popular stretches in South Beach, where empty racks are a common sight as early as mid-morning.

Citibike Rental at Lummus Park

But it is not much of a problem as there are numerous stations throughout the area. You can download the Citibike App which tells you which stations have bikes available and how many. More info

Citibike Miami Stations Map

Access and Parking

There are literally hundreds of access points, the paved paths, boardwalk and promenades run parallel to the shoreline so if you simply head to the beach you will certainly run into it.

If you are staying in Miami Beach, just head out towards the ocean. Many of the public beach access points will lead you to the Beach Walk, which also runs along the back of many of the waterfront hotels.

Where to Park? Here are some popular and easy parking spots to access the Miami Beach Walk:

Facilities along the Beach Walk: Toilets

Your best bet is at one of the many Public Beach Parks which will have restroom facilities:

Click here for more details on what's available along the different stretches of the Miami Beach Walk.

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