Wildlife in Florida

Tiny Deer, Colossal Manatees, Epic Alligators, Vivid Flamingos...

For wildlife and nature lovers, Florida is home to some of the most fantastic diversity of animals and plants and the remarkable habitats and ecosystems that shelter them.

Florida is home to...

Many endangered or threatened species like the Florida panther...

Florida Panther

...The tiny Floriday Key Deer...

Florida Key Deer

...And the Colossal Florida Manatee...

Florida Manatee

...The only living barrier reef in the continental United States with an abundance of colorful fish, healthy corals, tiny invertebrates, lofty rays...

Beautiful reef off Key Largo

...Large concentrations of migrating birds in the winter...

Waterbirds at Mrazek Pond Everglades

...Our most famous legendary reptiles, the American Alligator...

Alligator at Oasis Boardwalk Big Cypress Preserve

...and the American Crocodile...

American Crocodile at Flamingo Everglades

...The colorful flamingos which have become a symbol of Florida...

Flamingos at Lion Country Safari

...Let's not forget the miles of coastline that are nesting grounds for our sea turtles...

Green Sea Turtle swimming by

Needless to say, wildlife fans, bird watchers, photographers, shell collectors, outdoor lovers... will be in their element.

Encountering wildlife is as easy as opening the door to our back porch, or a stroll around the block...

Mama Duck and ducklings cross the parking lot

A Florida Black Bear cub meanders around the neighborhood near Ft. Myers

Of course, some encounters might be quite unexpected! Like this Florida black bear meandering around my friend's neighborhood in Ft. Myers...

We enjoy getting out there to enjoy all the treasures literally in our backyard every time we get a chance.

Whether it is a kayak outing to the mangroves, a snorkel at the reefs, a stroll on our favorite boardwalks and trails, padleboarding around the canals, or boating in the bay... there is much to do and see and always a surprise.

In the process, we have learned and are still learning, about the many species and habitats and the challenges they might be facing.

These pages are our attempt at capturing and sharing what we love and enjoy about all things nature and wildlife in Florida. It is a simple guide with plenty of pictures of what you can expect to see, when and where based on our experiences and observations.

We try to keep descriptions brief and simple, nothing too technical or involved and when appropriate we will provide further links for more in-depth information. Our kids like to pitch in and contribute to these pages, making it a handy Florida wildlife guide for children as well.

A good starting point for wildlife viewers are our National, State and County Parks, which are jam-packed of opportunities and activities to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

Here's ourGuide to our Top Picks for State and National Parks in South Florida.

Get your binoculars and sunscreen out and enjoy!

Life in the Florida Mangroves

Great Egret and Mangrove Coastline

Our mangrove forests often unappreciated, are not only instrumental in protecting our shores from the elements but also provide shelter to an incredible amount of wildlife.

A trip to the wilderness along most of the southern coast of the State is full of surprises, on land, on the air, on the water, and under the water, thanks to this unique habitat and the variety of life it supports.

We give you a brief introduction to this beautiful and crucial ecosystem and the importance of its conservation, including:

Life in the Coral Reefs

Pork Fish swim along a colorul reef off Key Largo

I still remember the first time I saw the magical world of the coral reefs through a mask, I was dazzled by the incredible colors and the abundance of fish in such an array of patterns and shapes, truly an incredible sight.

Now, years later, it is still the same feeling of delight, wonder, anticipation... what will we run into this time?

Coming soon...

  • What are Corals, are they plants or animals?
  • Kinds of Corals found in the Florida Keys
  • Guide to Coral Reef Animals
  • Guide to Coral Reef Fish
  • Guide to Reef Plants
  • Exploring our Coral Reefs: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Our Sea Turtles and Nesting Beaches

Green Sea Turtle swimming

Beautiful and graceful Sea Turtles are often seen on our coastal waters. It is quite a thrill to encounter one of these charming creatures during a dive or snorkel.

They spend their entire lives in the ocean, with the only exception being when females come out to our shores to lay their eggs.

All species of sea turtles in Florida are either endangered or threatened, let's learn more about them and their conservation:

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