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Miami Art Deco District

Exploring Miami's Unique Architectural Treasure

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Miami Art Deco District

Exploring the City's Unique Architectural Treasure

The Miami Art Deco District is where the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the world is found.

The area which encompasses over eight hundred buildings from the 1920's 30's and 40's is a true legacy to Miami's 20th century design and creative trend that marked the renaissance of the city.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Art Deco District is truly one of Miami's gems, and specially to architecture and design buffs a not-to-be-missed visit.

Miami Art Deco District Ocean Drive

The Miami Beach Architectural Historic District although referred simply as the "art deco district", actually contains several architectural styles beyond art deco interwoven in the mix.

From classic and elaborate forms of Mediterranean Revival to the simplistic lines of Streamline Art Deco and everything in between, including the tropical and nautical perspectives, and the newer 1950's inspired trend, Miami Modern, or MiMo, prevalent in the North Shore and Normandy Isles district.

All these styles converge to create the very unique image and chic atmosphere that identify our wonderful city.

The Miami Art Deco Welcome Center and the Art Deco Museum

The Art Deco Welcome Center right in the heart of the district on Miami's trendy Ocean Drive is a great starting point to get to know and learn about the sensational buildings, their history, the hip trends and the many colliding styles. It includes the Visitor Center and the newly opened Art Deco Museum.

Miami Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive and 10th Street

Located on Ocean Drive and 10th Street, the Art Deco Welcome Center is a wealth of information about all the different design styles found within the District: Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco and Miami Modern (MiMo).

The Welcome Center also conducts guided and self-guided walking tours that will get you acquainted with this very unique corner of Miami.

The Museum is a great starting point to get to know the history of Miami Beach, which in 2014 celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The Welcome Center is an offshoot of the Miami Design Preservation League, a non-profit group and arts organization dedicated to the promotion and conservation of 20th Century architecture and design.

Be sure to stop at the Gift Shop, they carry all sorts of nifty Art Deco paraphernalia, posters, cards, books, you name it, shop for your souvenirs, take something home other than (or in addition to) the usual tacky t-shirt and support the League!

Here's more info on the Visitor Center and the Art Deco Museum at the Art Deco Welcome Center.

Guide to Exploring the Miami Art Deco District

Best way to explore is of course close up and on the ground. We like and recommend the following options, each offering a different way and flexibility to fit your interest and needs. Also check out the primer on the main features found in the different styles you will encounter:

The Art Deco Weekend

Art Deco Weekend: Classic Car Show

The Annual Art Deco Weekend takes place in January, and is South Beach's tribute to the Art Deco era, involving a series of top notch events over this three-day weekend including the Parade, Fashion Show, the Art Deco VIP Gala, the Classic Car Show, Films and Lectures, Furniture Exhibits, Music, Antiques, Street Festivals and more.

Here's more on this year's Art Deco Weekend.

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