Lion Country Drive Through Safari

A Picture Safari and
Tips For Visiting

The Drive-Through Safari brings us to some fantastic landscapes... plains, grasslands, wetlands, bushes and forests throughout Asia, Africa and South America, among herds of zebras, rhinos, giraffes, impalas, wildebeest... from the comfort of your own car! Here is a picture tour. Enjoy!

Las Pampas

We start our Safari in the Grasslands of South America where we find Tortoises, Pelicans, Tapirs...

Lion Country Safari Tapir in the Pampas

...And of course llamas...
Lion Country Safari Llama in the Pampas

Ruaha National Park

Impalas and the Greater Kudu roam in this African wilderness. Here is the Greater Kudu at feeding time...

Lion Country Safari Kudus in Ruaha National Park

And beautiful and graceful impalas...

Lion Country Safari  Impalas in Ruaha National Park

Kalahari Bushveldt

This dry plateau in Southwest Africa is home to the Nile Lechwe and the Orix Gazella. The Orix Gazella is the one with the straight horns standing up.

Lion Country Safari  Impala and Kudus in Ruaha National Park

Gir Forest

The Gir Forest is a famous National Park in India. Lion Country Safari is very active in the conservation of endangered species and recently, they have added a herd of Kulan, native to this area in India which is endangered due to habitat loss...

Lion Country Safari Kulan in the Gir Forest

The Blackbuck, one of the smallest members of the antelope family with its stunning horns...

Lion Country Safari  blackbuck in the Gir Forest

... and the Asiatic Water Buffalo, just massive...

Lion Country Safari  blackbuck in the Gir Forest

The Gorongosa Reserve

The Gorongosa is one of Africa's famous game reserves located in Northern Mozambique. This is where we find the prides of lions.

In the past, we used to be able to see them roaming freely with some walking up to the car.

Lion Country Safari Lions

Lion Country Safari Lions

But due to safety concerns, the area has been fenced in, you still get a good luck at the lions!

Lion Country Safari Lions

The Serengeti Plains

Perhaps one of the most famous wildlife areas in Africa. Wildebeest, waterbucks, eland, ostrich, watusis, they all live in the Serengeti Plains...

Lion Country Safari Wildebeest Ostrich Waterbuck at the Serengeti Plains

Lion Country Safari Wildebeest  at the Serengeti Plains

Lion Country Safari Watusi  at the Serengeti Plains

Lion Country Safari Eland at the Serengeti Plains

The Hwange Reserve

This is a famous reserve in Zimbabwe. Here we see herds of giraffes, zebras, and even the Southern White Rhinoceros.

White Rhinos roam the "Hwange Reserve", are they dangerous? The White Rhinos are not aggressive as the Black Rhinos, so you don't have to be afraid of having one of them charge your vehicle! But as always, give them plenty of room if you see them approach!

Lion Country Safari Herd of  Rhinos

Lion Country Safari Herd of Zebras

Lion Country Safari Herd of Giraffes

Chimpanzees have a huge play area, right towards the end of the Safari, you see them bouncing, climbing, running, jumping, balancing, just being their playful selves...

Lion Country Safari Chimpanzees

Tips for Safely Enjoying the Drive-Through Safari

  • When to Visit? The Park is open year-round. You are more likely to see animal action when temperatures are more pleasant so doing the drive-through safari works best first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon, also to avoid the crowds. At peak time when the heat starts creeping up, the animals are snoozing under the shade.

    Rhinos resting under the shade

  • Remember you can drive through as many times as you wish during the day of your visit. So if you want to have a second go at the lions at the end of the day, go ahead!

  • Once you go pass the ticket booth, there are restrooms before you enter the Safari Drive-Through road, make sure everyone goes, even the ones that "don't need to", as there is no stopping and getting out of the car once you go through the first gate into the Safari Drive-Through.

  • Needless to say, windows, doors and sunroofs need to be closed at all times. Yes, we have actually seen a giraffe steal a sandwich from an open sunroof once.

  • If you are taking pictures, make sure to clean the windows and windshield before hand!

  • Driving Etiquette: Traffic jams are sometimes unavoidable, but you can also do your part by pulling to the side of the road if you want to stay a while and let everyone pass.

    Also if you see many others also want a look at whatever is catching everyone's attention, don't hog the space for too long. Let everyone have a chance.

  • If you come in a group in several cars and would like to do the drive-through safari together, there are oversized vans for rent to fit a large group, zebra stripes and all, for a modest rental fee. We paid about $12 or $15, it wasn't much and fit our group of 12 nicely.

    Rental Van Rental for the Safari Drive-Through

After you have finished the Drive-Through part, park your car and head on to the "walking" part of Lion Country Safari, Safari World Amusement Park, where the fun continues! What's there? Ferris Wheels and rides, Petting Zoo, Giraffe Feeding, Mini-Golf, Camel Rides, Parakeet Feeding, Splash area and Water Slides!

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