Pokémon GO in Miami

Where to Catch 'Em All! Tips and Tricks

Yes, those cute Pokémon Monsters are all over Miami! Where to go catch them? They are literally everywhere and you will see them whether you are on the water... In the sand...

Catching  Psyduck in the water in Miami Catching Krabby at the Sunny Isles Beach in Miami

...On a boat... On the trails...

Catching Dratini on a boat at Port of  Miami Catching  Nidoran on the trails at Lummus Park in Miami

So whether you are heading to the beach, or are out cruising around Biscayne Bay, or hitting the trails and boardwalks in the Everglades... There will be plenty of chances to catch Pokémon and keep on filling that Pokédex!

Like all other places around the world, all the "good stuff", uncommon pokémon and nests spawn in the popular, highly-frequented areas. Pokéstops and Gyms you find near shopping centers, schools, and parks.

What Pokémon Do You Catch In Miami?

The kind of Pokémon you catch will depend of course on the type of environment you are in:

Around the beaches, piers and marinas you will see all kinds of Water Type Pokémon. By the ports and docks and at the beach we found plenty of Psyduck, Tentacool, Magic Carp, Seel, Krabby, Horsea, Poliwag, Squirtle, Totodile, Remoraid, etc...

Lots of water type Pokemon spawn at Port of Miami Catching Poliwag on the beach in Miami

Around trails and boardwalks, Ground, Grass, Bug, and Rock Type Pokémon spawn right in front of you... We specifically love strolling on the Miami Beach Walk, a system of paver walks, boardwalks and paved and sandy paths that runs along the Eastern shore of Miami Beach, which can take you from the southern tip of the island all the way to the north. It is not only a gorgeous walk, one of the nicest in the city, it is full of critters to add to your collection.

We found some of the not-so-common Pokémon on this stretch: Kabuto, Porygon, Onix, etc. Since you are going along the water, you will also have a chance to catch the water types, and all other types as well.

A Kabuto, a rock type Pokemon spawns on the Miami Beach Walk Ground type Pokemon Sandshrew on the Paved Promenade in South Beach

And of course, Normal Type Pokémon are everywhere, you find Eevee galore all around, we found Snorlax right around the corner from a friend's house... Fire Pokémon spawn at random, you are in a HOT place after all! We have seen plenty of Vulpix, Growlithe, Charmander, even Charizard!

Eevee, a normal type Pokemon spawns everywhere Fire type Pokemon Vulpix on the Paved Promenade in South Beach

So where to go? Like all urban areas, Miami is loaded with PokéStops and Gyms, but here are some of our favorite places to go where you find a lot of Pokémon action.

Hanging Out in South Beach: Lincoln Road and Soundscape Park

South Beach is our top place to catch Pokémon and hit the PokéStops.

Two places to "hang-out" which have lots of PokéStops in high concentration so you can walk around to collect items non-stop are Lincoln Road Mall and next-door Soundscape Park.

PokéStops are all along the Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall and throughout Soundscape Park. Gyms for battling along the mall as well. This is a very popular hangout, PokéStops are constantly lit with lures, one of the "hot" places where everything spawns, we have seen lots of Fire Types here, even Charizard...

Tons of Pokestops and Gyms for battling at Lincoln Road Mall Lots of Pokemon action at Soundscape Park

Hanging Out in South Beach II: South Pointe Park

PokéStops are all along the Cutwalk, all the way to the jetty and while you're at it, there is no shortage of spawnings, loads of water type Pokémon. Two Gyms, one on each end of the park and another just on the tip of South Beach.

Eevee, a normal type Pokemon spawns everywhere Fire type Pokemon Vulpix on the Paved Promenade in South Beach

PokéStop Farming: How To Collect Tons of Items and Poké Balls

Now, all this catching will require lots of Poké Balls, so here's how to fill up your bag really quick!

PokéStops are lined along Miami's main thoroughfares:

  • Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue in South Beach
  • Collins Avenue in Miami Beach
  • Biscayne Boulevard in Miami

So a walk through some of our wonderful architecture through the Art Deco District basically brings you to loads of PokéStops as well.

One way to quickly fill up your bag with Poké Balls, is by taking the slow FREE trolleys, they go around the main avenues with PokéStops on every other street. You could for example take the trolley from Bayside all along Biscayne Blvd. to the Design District, or the South Beach Trolley that brings you to Miami Beach and the fantastic Boardwalk where more Pokemon await...

An alternative to the trolleys is the 25 cent shuttle in South Beach. It makes a loop and runs through Washington Avenue and Alton Road. You can take it from any of the stops along the route and it will bring you to the same spot, it takes about one hour to complete the loop and yes, it costs only 25 cents! The 25 cent shuttle is also a great way to get oriented when you first arrive.

Do make sure you have plenty of room in your bag. The original bags have space for 350 items. If you are running out of space, either delete some of the items you seldom use, or get a bag upgrade which gives you extra room for 50 items. You WILL fill up your bag quick if you take the shuttle or trolleys. On average, you hit a PokéStop at least every minute if not twice per minute (unless traffic is slow, then you should be in good shape to hatch some eggs!)

Poke Stops on Washington Avenue on every block Lots of items collected from PokeStops every minute

Are there PokéStops right ON the Beach?

If you are enjoying your day out on the beach, PokéStops are few and far between and most likely at the Lifeguard towers. Quite convenient to work on your suntan and collecting items every 5 minutes!

Poke Stops on the Beach are few and far between Poke Stop on the beach at the 1st Street Life Guard Tower

Region-Specific, Can You Catch Tauros in Miami?

No, although technically in the U.S. for Pokemon Go purposes, Miami and South Florida belong to the tropics, together with South America and Caribbean region, so here you will find lots of Heracross, Corsola, Illumise and new with Gen 4 Carnivine. All these are quite easy to find and appear just about everywhere.

Region specific pokemon go found in Miami: Heracross Region specific pokemon go found in Miami: Corsola
Region specific pokemon go found in Miami: Illumise Region specific pokemon go found in Miami: Carnivine

Want to hang out with a group? For Community Day events, raids, etc, you can contact the local Facebook Group and join in the fun!

So there you have it, a little help to get you out and about, now GO CATCH 'EM ALL!

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