Vizcaya Gardens

Charming Retreat and Heavenly Surroundings...

Vizcaya Gardens

The Vizcaya Gardens are ten acres of charming greenery that have been designed in the formal European lines using strictly plants and flowers fit to survive Miami's hot and humid tropical weather.

They are beautifully landscaped with many of the elements found frequently in Italian garden design, including the use of stone, sculptures, pools and fountains, and manicured hedges.

The gardens and the many features including gazebos, staircases, fountains, cascades, arches and pavillions are a popular stage for photography for special occasions, engagements, weddings, "quincea┼łeras" and the like, and you are likely to encounter a shooting session or two in progress during your visit.

Vizcaya Gardens

Interestingly enough, one thing you won't see here is beds of colorful flowers. Color is added through seasonal plants, a lot of the shrubery is well-established with many mature trees flanking the edges which provide much welcomed shade during the hot summer days.

The Garden Mound is one of the main features of the gardens with staircases leading to the top of the man-made hill. Here are some views of the house and the garden's Central Island.

Vizcaya Gardens and South Facade

Take your time to stroll around this beautiful place, around the many terraces, walkways and grottos and enjoy the stunning views of the mansion, the many "secret gardens" and little corners. Enjoy!

Beautiful Vizcaya Gardens in Pictures

Two semi-circular pools are found on each side of the main garden in the center. Each with gazebos with overgrown ivy and rows of decorative columns.

Semi-circular pools at Vizcaya

Staircases, walkways and arches lead to smaller gardens.

Vizcaya Secret Garden

The main formal gardens feature the ornamental Italian inspired clipped hedges with the symetrical designs...

Vizcaya Gardens Clipped Hedges

... as well as groomed topiaries and shrubs...

Vizcaya Formal Gardens

... found throughout are many statues and fountains, many original pieces from gardens in Venice...

Vizcaya Gardens Fountains and Statues

... the statues are often classical mythological characters and gods...

Vizcaya Gardens Statues

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