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Everglades Eco Pond

Great spot to check out if you are near Flamingo

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Eco Pond

Eco Pond

Eco Pond, just off the road a bit past the Flamingo outpost, is a salt-water pond that attracts its share of birdlife.

But nature being nature, this is a bit of a hit or miss spot. It can be really really good or the total opposite, completely desolate, and anything in between.

There is a little dirt trail that starts right from the side of the road where you see the sign for Eco Pond...

Eco Pond Road Sign

This unpaved trail loops around the pond, and it takes about 40 - 60 minutes depending on your stops along the way.

Eco Pond:

From the main loop there are paths that get you close to the shore and where you can get good views of anything around the pond...

Eco Pond: Trail around the pond

You don't have to do the whole loop, go as far as you wish and come back the same way.

You may find wading birds just along the shore or in the shallows looking for prey...

Eco Pond: a great blue heron

There is a little island in the middle, so be sure to scout for life here...

Eco Pond: Island in the middle of pond

Roseate Spoonbills like to perch around the island, and sometimes you also see them wading in the shallows Eco Pond: A Roseate Spoonbill in the little island

Eco Pond: Roseate Spoonbill

There is a small platform just off the dirt path...

Eco Pond: platform

Don't forget to look up! We saw a pair of Osprey nesting in some trees in the middle of the island...

Eco Pond: a pair of nesting osprey

And of course, there is also the beautiful butterflies hovering all around...

Eco Pond: butterfly

This is a great little stop worth checking out if you are in the Flamingo area, but does not really warrant a trip specifically to see it as birdlife may or may not be present.

If you are camping in Flamingo, by all means, early morning or late before sunset are the best times.

If Eco Pond is dead, try nearby Mrazek Pond which may be where the action is that day.

There are no parking facilities at Eco Pond. You have to park by the side of the road so be careful with the traffic when pulling in and out.

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