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Everglades Pictures

The trails, the wildlife, the mangroves, the ponds...

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Everglades Pictures

Trails, Boat Rides, Boardwalks, and the Wildlife we Encountered...

Taking Pictures in the Everglades

The Everglades are incredibly photogenic. Not only the great variety of wildlife but also the stunning landscapes make it a great destination for photography lovers.

We are adding more to these pages as we keep on exploring and enjoying the many different places and if you would like to share yours, we would love to add them as well!

Here is how to contact us.

Alligators at the Anhinga Trail at the Everglades
There's of course the alligators, in all sorts of states: swimming, sunning, or just trying to get comfortable...

Beautiful blue-eyed anhinga drying her wings
The beautiful birds...

A Roseate Spoonbill at Eco Pond in the Everglades
Some more common than others, it is a real treat to see the Roseate Spoonbill...

A wood stork next to an alligator, a bit daring if you ask me
Or the Wood Stork which is in threatened status, luckily their numbers seem to be bouncing back!

An anhinga swallows that whole fish, unbelievable
There is also lots of action here to photograph... anhingas eating fish...

Cypress swamps in the Everglades
And don't forget the landscapes... the swamps...

Sunset at the 10000 Islands
...The stunning sunsets along the coastline...

String Lilies bloom at the Everglades this time of the year
...Beautiful vegetation...

Here are some links to some more... Enjoy the pictures!

Canoeing at Flamingo

Flamingo Marina
Coming Soon

Everglades Cypress Swamp

Big Cypres Swamp
Coming Soon

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Everglades Quick Guide:

Florida Everglades Home

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