Sunny Isles Beach

Long Stretches of White Sand and a
Landmark Fishing Pier

Sunny Isles Beach located in the northern corner of Miami, with a two-and-a-half mile stretch of white sandy beaches is a magnet for the sun-seeker souls looking for a more quiet retreat than South Beach.

Sunny Isles Beach

Not long ago, the coastline was lined with quaint waterfront motels, these have now been replaced by luxury high-rises, condominiums as well as hotels.

In fact, the entire city of Sunny Isles has seen a transformation with the new arrivals offering world class facilities, golf courses, spa and fitness studios, fine dining and marinas. That has also led the way to new international restaurants, bars and boutiques which have opened their doors on Collins Avenue, the main stretch.

One of Sunny Isles' landmark is the Newport Fishing Pier, at the south end of the beach.

The Newport Fishing Pier

Sunny Isles Newport Fishing Pier

Built in 1936 and now a designated historic site, the half-mile pier has been recently renovated...

Sunny Isles Newport Fishing  Pier

...It is great for a stroll...

Sunny Isles Newport Fishing Pier

Enjoy the gorgeous views...

Sunny Isles Newport Fishing Pier

Bring your fishing rod and try your luck...

Fishing from Sunny Isles Newport Fishing Pier

Or just relax and enjoy a drink or snack at the restaurant, The Beach Bar @ Newport Pier...

Sunny Isles Newport Fishing Pier

Beach Access and Facilities

Sunny Isles Newport Fishing Pier

Pier Park is one of the main access points to the Sunny Isles beaches, there is limited public parking (only 23 regular parking spots) and where most of the concessions are and of course, the Pier which is an attraction on its own. Pier Park access is at Sunny Isles Boulevard and Collins.

Sunny Isles Pier Park

Unless you are staying at one of the waterfront hotels or condos, you will have to use one of the many points of access to the public beaches.

You can also use any of the many access paths spread out every other block or so. There are over a dozen crosscuts that bring you from the other side of the high-rise jungle to the beach. The paths are well-marked, look for the city's signature signs:

Sunny Isles Beach Access

The well-maintained paths lead you to the public beaches, and you will find bathrooms and showers at some but not all of the access areas.

Sunny Isles Beach Access Paths

Sunny Isles Parking

There are several municipal parking lots in Sunny Isles. The rate for most lots is $2 per hour, however both the Ellen Wynne and Pier Park lots are $3 per hour. You can also download the ParkMe App to locate all available spaces nearby in real time.

One of the largest lots (about 300 spaces) is located at the north end, under the overpass near 192nd Street.

Sunny Isles Beach Parking at 192nd

Sunny Isles Hotels

This area is great for a quieter beach escape than the melee of South Beach but still convenient to many of the popular spots. It is only 10 miles away from the Art Deco District and Ocean Drive and even if you don't have a car, convenient bus connections run frequently along Collins Avenue to bring you to the center of the action with Bus 120 Beach Max.

The City of Sunny Isles also provides a FREE shuttle which makes it easy to get around within the small town and connect to three neighboring cities: Aventura, Hallandale, and North Miami Beach.

Whether you are staying at Sunny Isles or just stopping for the day, enjoy your time!

Sunny Isles Beach Lifeguard Towers

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